Guns-in-Parking-Lots Bill Firing Toward House Floor



The House Civil Justice Committee adopted the guns-in-parking lots bill today after Republicans explained how they really aren’t trampling on private property rights to suck up to the NRA. Really, they aren’t. No kidding. We mean it.

"It’s not going to dictate to a businesses anything," insisted the sponsor, Rep. Jeremy Faison, R-Cosby.

You see, even though this bill—which already has passed the Senate and could make it to the House floor next week—lets the state’s 370,000 handgun permit owners carry their pistols in their cars onto their employers’ parking lots, it’s not a violation of property rights, according to Republicans. That’s because—since this remains a right-to-work state—employers still can fire workers for any reason, including for carrying a gun onto their premises. The trick, of course, is figuring out who’s doing that. But Republicans will thank us if we don’t think too long about any of this.

“This is an excellent compromise on this issue,” said Rep. Vance Dennis, R-Savannah. “It doesn’t appear to me to affect a property owner, an individual’s right to control their property as they see fit. So an employer, if they choose to have a policy about firearms on their property, this doesn’t negatively affect that policy in any way. You’ve got a great bill here.”

The bill also lets handgun permit owners go with their pistols in their cars onto college campuses, school grounds and just about anywhere else.

There was no mention of Sandy Hook Elementary School at today’s meeting or whether it's a good idea to expand gun laws after that massacre. That doesn’t matter to the world’s stupidest imaginable governing body. What matters is making the NRA happy so that lawmakers have nothing to fear in their next reelection campaigns.

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