Firearms Association Takes Aim at Kelsey for Crossing Beavers



John Harris
  • John Harris
The fearsome Tennessee Firearms Association is out with an urgent action alert imploring its members to contact lawmakers to support Sen. Mae Beavers' latest wacky idea. That's the one that purports to give Tennessee the right to arrest and jail federal agents who try to enforce federal gun laws.

The Senate Judiciary Committee had the audacity yesterday to postpone voting on the bill to ask the state attorney general whether it's constitutional, and that really hacked off Firearms Association director John Harris.
In his alert, he calls the committee's chairman, Brian Kelsey, "delusional" because he refuses to ignore the outcome of the Civil War and side with fringe weirdos like Beavers who think states can nullify federal laws.

"Sen. Brian Kelsey explains the Supremacy Clause for 'the rest of us'—be afraid, be very afraid," the alert begins.

Call Kelsey, Harris urges his members, "refrain from laughing and hanging up. Try to encourage him to vote YES on SB0250 to move it to a full debate in the Tennessee Senate."

Harris also slaps Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey for removing Beavers "as the seasoned and respected chair of the Senate Judiciary" at the beginning of this session and replacing her with Kelsey. "Its proving in short order to have been a bad decision on his part," Harris writes. More from Harris:

In Senator Kelsey's view of government, states are mere subjects of the supreme federal government. There are no limits on the federal government because anything that the federal government says is "supreme" merely because it says so. There are no rights of the states to limit the federal government. There are no inviolate rights of the people which the federal government cannot infringe. There are no limits on the taxing authority. Obamacare would be constitutional merely because it was enacted into law with no need for Supreme Court review. Indeed, in Kelsey's world there really is no function for the Supreme Court because the mere existence of any federal law is conclusive proof that it must be constitutionally permissible again under the "we say so" doctrine of constitutional law.

When the full impact of this statement is considered it is as if we suddenly saw the curtain pulled back and what we see is a Republican State Senator chairing the Senate Judiciary Committee, under the apparently approving oversight of Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, who is in reality a "mini-me" of Barack Obama who himself is a well self-acclaimed constitutional scholar. One must wonder why Congress even needs state governments since it has, under Brian Kelsey's view of constitutional law, complete and total supremacy as to all issues on which it might seek to enact laws which necessarily renders the mere existence of state or local governments a meaningless event of no constitutional significance.


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