Gun Nuts Poised to Mow Down Biz Pigs Tonight in State Senate



Republicans insist they’re focused intensely on the economy and jobs. But like Dr. Strangelove—who suffered muscle spasms that sent his right arm reflexing repeatedly into a Nazi salute—they can’t seem to stop themselves from veering off into extremism.

Tonight, the Senate is scheduled to adopt speaker Ron Ramsey’s guns-in-parking lots bill, despite opposition from Tennessee businesses worried about disgruntled workers going postal on their premises.

Businesses can’t count on the House to stop this new expansion of gun rights, either—not after the NRA punished Rep. Debra Maggart for opposing the bill by unseating her last summer. It goes before a House subcommittee Wednesday, and Speaker Beth Harwell now seems to have knuckled under to the radical right.

Harwell says “as soon as we get this out of the way the better we're going to be.” Translation: the NRA owns the legislature and resistance is futile.

Update: The House's third-ranking Republican, Glen Casada, is on board. "I see it moving forward as is," he says of the bill.

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