Sen. Jim Summerville Apologizes, Vows to Give a Rat's Ass in the Future



Pith will forgive you if you had forgotten about this post from last August, in which state Sen. Jim Summerville informed members of the state legislature's Black Caucus that he didn't "give a rat's ass" what they thought. After all, it was nearly five months ago, and the crazy moves pretty fast around here.

It wasn't long after that — like, hardly an hour later — that Summerville was removed from his post as chairman of the Senate's Education Subcommittee, and when he was finally reached by members of the press, he was decidedly unrepentant. (Actually, how could you have forgotten that?)

But it's a new year and, like all of us, the senator is trying to do better. In that spirit, Tom Humphrey reports, Summerville has issued a belated apology to Rep. Barbara Cooper and the Black Caucus.

The mea culpa appears after the jump:

"Dear Rep. Cooper and friends, one of my personal hopes in the new year is to try to lead a more Christ-like life. I realize that may require making amends to people I've hurt in the past.

"I want to tell you, then, how much I regret losing my temper last summer over your reaction to the TSU report. You said what you did with intellectual integrity and honesty of purpose. My reaction was unbecoming to me.

"Please know that I look forward to working with each of you in the 108th General Assembly for the welfare of all the people of our great state.

"Most sincerely, Jim Summerville."

Humphrey reports that Cooper said she accepted Summerville's apology, and forgave him.

Good on you, senator.

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