State Rep. Jeremy Faison Admits He's a Gun Scofflaw



Rep. Jeremy Faison, one of the legislature's most vociferous Second Amendment champions, admits he goes armed illegally. It's just too much trouble to do that paperwork for a handgun permit, he says. According to WPLN:

While the Cocke County representative says he’s “carried a gun all my life.” He says he’s never sent in the paperwork for his handgun permit.

“One day I’ll probably get caught if I don’t get a permit, and I’ll get in trouble,” he says.

Faison, one of the sponsors of the guns-in-parking lots bill, also admitted he already leaves his pistol in his car, even when it's parked at the Capitol.

“Let’s be honest. There’s not a parking lot in Tennessee today that doesn’t have a gun inside the car,” Faison said. “I’m not ashamed of it. I’ll tell anybody that. I’ll tell the highway patrol. Listen, that’s just part of life.”

Update: Faison says he didn't mean it.

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