Rookie State Rep Files Bills to Beat Back U.N. Menace



Rep. Van Huss is addressing the concerns of this family.
  • Rep. Van Huss is addressing the concerns of this family.
As every right-wing conspiracy buff knows by now, the United Nations is trying to take away our SUVs and our AK-47s and force us all to live in hippie communes. But don't despair: Rookie state Rep. Micah Van Huss is taking care of business.

Among the first bills of Van Huss's certain-to-be long and illustrious political career is one to strip U.N. officials of all their powers if any should deign to cross the border into Tennessee. If a U.N. official enters Tennessee—presto!—that official's power goes poof.

"Any representative of the United Nations who enters the state loses all official status and shall not operate in the state in any official capacity," the bill states flatly.

So that takes care of that. To be certain, Van Huss, R-Sulphur Springs, has filed another bill to stop One World Government in its tracks. This one states, "Representatives of the United Nations shall not observe elections in the state," just in case any U.N. official was thinking of doing that.

Update: Van Huss also is teaming up with Sen. Mae Beavers to bar the police from using drones to spy on the law-abiding citizenry.


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