On Campfield, Ramsey Says It Best When He Says Nothing at All



Some things you can just read about. Other things, you have to see to appreciate the full magnitude of what's going on. This video taken by TNReport of Ron Ramsey "mmm-hmm"-ing and rolling his eyes at the recounting of Stacey Campfield's latest attempt at "Don't Say Gay" is one of those things. I could tell you about it, but you should see it for yourself.

Trent Seibert reports

Asked about a GOP state senator’s bill to require public school employees to inform a student’s parents if alerted the child is possibly engaging in homosexual activity, Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey sided with those who say it’s a government intrusion into family matters.

“There are some things that should be left inside the family and some things don’t need to be in public,” Ramsey said.

And while what he said is a welcome turn of events, the important thing is how he said it — which is why it's better to see it than read about it.

Even in the most generous (to Campfield) take on the video, Ramsey seems annoyed by the topic and the media attention it's getting. But it's simply impossible to overlook that it's getting so much attention, in part, because Campfield keeps the media spotlight on himself — which means that Ramsey is openly showing annoyance at Campfield.

It remains to be seen whether Campfield has the sense to realize what a problem this is for him, judging by Ramsey's past actions. A year ago this time, Ramsey was openly scoffing at Mae Beavers — and this year he decided that she wasn't a "team player" and stripped her of the chair of the Judiciary Committee.

This would suggest that it's in Campfield's best interest not to act like he's the only one in the game. We'll see if he's capable of acting in his own best interest.

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