Ramsey Lectures Media: Stop Asking 'Silly' Gun Questions



After the NRA unseated House Republican bigwig Debra Maggart last summer to punish her for opposing a gun bill, angry GOP leaders woofed their outrage and vowed to show those crazy bastards who’s the boss in the next session. Well, here we are and Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey is falling all over himself to ram through the very bill that the NRA wanted in the first place.

Today, Ramsey swore his bill will whiz through the Senate in two weeks’ time despite strong opposition from the state’s businesses, schools and law enforcement—just about everyone, in fact, except the NRA and the state’s gun freaks and their tools in the legislature. Ramsey wants to let handgun permit owners put their pistols in their car trunks and go anywhere they please. With your Glock in your trunk, for instance, you could drive right up to the front door of little Johnny’s elementary school.

The NRA claims this law is needed so gun owners can defend themselves in parking lots. According to the NRA, parking lots are hell holes where we are all destined to die. In a letter last year to legislative leaders, the NRA painted a terrifying post-apocalyptic vision of parking lots with rogue bands of criminals running rampant.

“Headlines remind us that muggings, robberies, assaults, rapes and even murders happen in these parking lots,” the NRA said in the letter.

Asked today why he was kowtowing to the NRA, Ramsey insisted, “This is about me doing what I think is right. It has nothing to do with the NRA. None at all.”

He said he wants to pass the bill so quickly—not to avoid angering his NRA masters yet again—but to end media questioning on this topic, which he termed “silly.”

“It’s absolutely silly that we’re talking about this when we’re worried about jobs, we’re worried about education, Ramsey said. “This is not a big issue. I want this behind us so next week you all are asking me different questions besides something silly like this.”


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