Suffer the Little Children: Stacey Campfield's Latest Stroke of Genius Catches On



There is in every madman a misunderstood genius, the saying goes. Such is the plight of Stacey Campfield whose latest flash of brilliance—his proposal to deny welfare payments to the families of kids who do poorly in school—predictably brought new scorn to the senator. But now slowly, thoughtful observers are starting to come around . At the Memphis Flyer, for instance, Andria K. Brown writes that Campfield's not only onto something but he's clearly not going far enough. To truly break the cycle of poverty and energize these forgotten waifs of our state's slums, in her opinion, we should deny them access to publicly funded pencils, paper, desks and chairs.

Sitting on their classroom floors, committing all instruction to memory because they’re unable to write anything down, will force these underperforming students to really focus on their lessons. The physical discomfort and mental strain will surely crystallize their powers of concentration.

Yes, hardship is the key! And why stop with the denial of school supplies? The younger the mind, the more easily it is molded. So if the little welfare scudders are misbehaving at daycare, let's take away their bwankies and those little ratty dolls that their moms have rescued from the dumpsters. Focus, kids!

As Brown advises, "If we really want our children to excel in school—indeed, in life—we need to keep the empowering force of deprivation on them 24 hours a day."

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