In Weird News: Marsha Blackburn Wants To Go on Vacation With the President



So on Tuesday, Tennessee's own Marsha "Congressman" Blackburn challenged President Obama to a skeet-shooting contest. I repeat: She challenged him to a skeet-shooting contest. From The Washington Post:

“If he is a skeet shooter, why have we not heard of this? Why have we not seen photos? Why has he not referenced it at any point in time as we have had this gun debate that is ongoing?” the Tennessee Republican asked CNN’s Erin Burnett.

Obama revealed in a lengthy profile in The New Republic that he and guests at the presidential retreat “do skeet shooting all the time.”

Blackburn told Burnett she is willing to give Obama a chance to prove his marksmanship credentials — she’ll even accompany him to the presidential retreat.

“I think he should invite me to Camp David, and I’ll go skeet shooting with him.” Blackburn said. “I bet I’ll beat him.”

America, let us count the funny parts:

1. Marsha Blackburn, whose whole schtick is getting up in front of the media and talking about how much President Obama sucks and is ruining the country (see here, here, and here), now wants to go on vacation with him?! What the fuck? You know who most people don't want to go on vacation with? The dude they've just spent the last four years ripping on.

2. In a related point, you know who doesn't want to take you on vacation? The dude you've just spent the last four years ripping on.

3. Is she insinuating that Obama doesn't really go skeet shooting? That she needs to see proof of the legitimacy of his skeet-shooting ability? So, what's the meme here? Obama is a secret Muslim terrorist who was really born in Kenya and raised from a small child to ruin America and who is lying about being able to shoot a gun? Can we get a scorecard for all of the things Obama is supposed to be faking?

4. Why does Marsha Blackburn think Obama would lie about skeet shooting? Republicans already hate him. It's not like the people who are all, "Oh, yes, he's totally a secret Kenyan Muslim whom I hate" are going to suddenly think, "He shoots? Well, gosh, I guess he's all right after all."

5. I wish you could use the Freedom of Information Act to access Secret Service texts and emails, because I would LOVE to see what was being said while Blackburn proposed this little contest. A person who's never had anything nice to say about the president wants to go to a secluded spot with him and challenge him to a shooting contest. Oh, that seems totally on the up-and-up.

The funniest part is that Republicans want black people to someday vote for them. And still, they carry on like this — like, no matter how unpleasant or downright hostile they are, no matter how much they insinuate Obama isn't as good as they are (See Blackburn's "I bet I’ll beat him"), that he should do as they say, in this case, even opening up his private vacation retreat to a woman whose been nothing but churlish to him in public.

Open contempt like this isn't something voters they are seeking to attract are going to forget any time soon. And yet, whenever they get the chance, they parade it out in public.

The thing is, though, that Marsha Blackburn doesn't strike me as completely stupid. Do you think that it will dawn on her that she's invited on the air to say these kinds of things precisely because it plays into the old notion of the Southern white woman who treats black people (or in this case, just one black person) with contempt? Will she ever see that as much as she's trying to play on her voters' fantasies of Obama, she's acting out a fantasy CNN's national viewers have about Southern white women? Does she get that they're making a joke of her while she tries to make a joke of the president?

I wonder.

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