Beavers Files Bill Telling Obama to Keep His Hands Off Our Guns



Not to be outdone by her fellow states’ rights Republicans in the legislature, Sen. Mae Beavers has introduced her own bill purporting to free Tennessee from the tyranny of President Obama’s crusade against guns.

Beavers announced today she’s overhauling her 2009 Firearms Freedom Act, which obviously needed reforming since it accomplished nothing. It supposedly exempted the state from federal regulation of guns and ammunition made in Tennessee and kept within our borders, but it was roundly ignored by the federal government as anyone with any common sense could have predicted.

“The purpose of this bill is to let people know we have state sovereignty and the federal government has no business telling us what to do,” the Mount Juliet Republican said of that law.

Her new legislation is just as meaningless. It purports to make it a crime—a Class B Felony—"for any person to attempt to enforce any unconstitutional laws or enforce infringements in violation of the Second Amendment in Tennessee," according to the Tennessee Firearms Association.

“This legislation is a significant move toward enforcing the Second Amendment in Tennessee, particularly against the tyrannical agenda of too many in the federal government acting under Obama's lead,” the association said in a news release.

Beavers was the Senate Judiciary Committee chair until this session when Senate speaker Ron Ramsey dethroned her for reasons he never specified. It's widely believed that she's too nutty even for Ramsey.

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