Rep. Jim Cooper Embarrasses Us in Front of the Whole Country



When we flooded, we took federal aid. It was incredibly important in helping our city get back on its feet. When we had our hand out, our country came to our aid.

Hurricane Sandy struck the Northeast in October. And here it is, the middle of January and the House is just now getting around to passing hurricane relief. That's bad enough. And it's terrible, but hilarious, to see all our Republicans voting against disaster aid. But we didn't vote for them and they're not representing us.

Jim Cooper, on the other hand, who was our representative while Nashville was drowning, who implored people to take all the federal help they could get

"There is a lot of hardship in Nashville," said Congressman Jim Cooper. "A lot of streets, homes, a lot of businesses that are still hurting. We got to make sure everybody gets every penny of help."

voted against giving those same pennies of help to victims of Sandy. Our neighbors, who helped us in one of our most dire moments, need our help ... and Jim Cooper can't be bothered to give it?

He told Pith's Steven Hale yesterday he has his reasons. But none of those reasons are good enough to excuse voting to do nothing while the people who helped us are now suffering.

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