Is the Music City Center the Christmas Sweater of Buildings?




I have deeply conflicted feelings about the Music City Center. I mean, just look at that picture. I look at that and think, "Well, that is awesome" — and then, "Whoa, that is hilariously terrible." Both, at the same time. It's like a Christmas sweater. You see a particularly hideous Christmas sweater and you hope to the gods that someone wears it for like 10 days straight. But you don't want that person then to hit on you, while in the sweater.

So, here we have a roof that just screams, "I do not know the meaning of the word 'understated.' " It's not enough that there's a guitar shape. They've got frets and sound waves, and I guess the diamonds are supposed to be decorative inlays. My God, enough already! We get it! People make music here.

And yet, I kind of love it. It's tacky and hideous in a way I find kind of charming. It's like they said, "Let's make a building that will be recognizable as being from Nashville, even when viewed only in a snow globe. A snow globe we will then sell in the gift shop of the building itself."

Anyway, as is my civic duty, I am crossing my fingers that this thing works, because the only thing worse than it being terrible and tacky — even if I find it charming — is for it to be terrible and tacky and empty.

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