Niceley Files Bill to Stiff-Arm New Federal Gun Laws



State Sen. Frank Niceley made national news before this year's legislative session ever began when he went public with his plan to put security, and possibly trained and armed teachers, in all of the state's schools (that is, those that don't already have police on campus).

Now, just days into the 108th General Assembly's reign of terror, he's back with an absolute gem for fans of the Meet Them at the Border state-to-fed thumb-nosing genre of legislation that has become a Tennessee pastime. Yesterday, Niceley tweeted that he had introduced legislation that would essentially keep state and local government from participating in any attempt by the federal government to (gasp!) confiscate the citizenry's firearms.

To be more precise, the senator from Strawberry Plains has filed SB0040, which would prohibit the use of state or local funds in the enforcement of any new federal gun laws or regulations, unless federal funding is provided. The full text of the bill is here (in PDF form).

We've been unable to reach Niceley for comment so far, but he would seem to be going for a conservative twofer here, taking a preemptive stand against gun regulations and the abominable unfunded mandate.

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