House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh Pondering Run for Governor in 2014



With just under two years to go until Gov. Bill Haslam faces voters seeking re-election, he knows the name of a potential challenger. Democratic insiders are saying that House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh plans to make a run at the state's top job, and the man himself is not denying it.

The City Paper's Andrea Zelinski has the scoop:

Sources close to the minority leader told The City Paper the Ripley Democrat is planning to put his name on the ballot for the state’s top job.

When asked directly whether he would run for governor, Fitzhugh said, “I wouldn’t rule it out at all.”

“I’ve got some experience, good, bad or otherwise. And feel like I understand the issues of this state, understand the budgetary process and just am concerned with some of the fundamentals of our state. Before we step too far back, we just need to keep things moving forward,” he told The City Paper Wednesday.

In 2010, Haslam took the governorship in a landslide, easily besting the feckless campaign of Democrat Mike McWherter. Our early 2014 analysis: The incumbent Haslam is the favorite because he's the incumbent. A popular Republican incumbent in an ever-reddening state. And he's looooaaaded.

But in any case, the race is (sort of) on.

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