One Question for Gov. Haslam About Scott DesJarlais



In Tuesday's Tennessean, when asked whether he's talked to U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais about resigning, Gov. Bill Haslam says:

“I think the congressman’s decision is, can I effectively represent the people who elected me?” Haslam told reporters after a public appearance in Nashville. “It’s not my call. It’s his decision.”

Here is my question for Gov. Haslam: Have you been following this story even in the slightest? Because I'm having a hard time believing that if you were in the least bit aware of any facet of the story, you'd put any faith in DesJarlais being able to make a good decision.

According to court transcripts, this is a man who thought he was being an effective doctor while prescribing pain medication to a patient he was fucking. And the governor wants to believe that DesJarlais can discern whether he's being an effective representative for the people who elected him?

I guess it's nice that Gov. Haslam wants to treat everyone like mature, capable adults. But at some point, when people have long track records of not being able to conduct themselves like mature, capable adults, it makes the governor look foolish for trying to pretend they're something that they're not.

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