A New President Has Been Nominated for TSU!



According to a story in The City Paper, Dr. Glenda Glover has been nominated for President of Tennessee State University.

Tennessee Board of Regents Chancellor John Morgan has recommended Tennessee State University alumna Glenda Glover as the next president of the university, according to a TBR press release Monday afternoon.

The board still has to approve Glover — a decision they will take up at a dial-in meeting on Nov. 27.

“Dr. Glover’s outstanding credentials and leadership skills are impressive,” Morgan said. “She is an accomplished professional in many ways. But most of all, she is committed to the success of TSU’s students, and I believe she will help the institution continue to grow and move forward on a path toward accomplishing its goals.”

Glover is extremely qualified to lead TSU, and when I say "extremely," this is what I mean: Think back on their most recent scandal, imagine the lawyer/accountant/academic that could have nipped that in the bud, and then gaze upon Glover's credentials: "Glover is a licensed attorney and a certified public accountant. She is currently the dean of Jackson State University’s College of Business."

And she's a TSU alumnae. It's as if she was custom-built for the job!

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the board hires her.


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