There's One Question I Have About Scott DesJarlais



In light of the recent revelations in the Times Free Press about what's in Scott DesJarlais's divorce file, I have but one question: Do the women of his district have no standards?

Judging by the article — which cites, among other ugly details, his inconsistent accounts of taping an abortion conversation with a former mistress in the transcript and on Facebook — DesJarlais seems to be a liar who didn't practice what he now preaches pro-life. And yet he's somehow been able to rack up a drug representative, at least two patients, two wives, and three coworkers. How does this happen?

I get why women sleep with doctors. But why this doctor? Are all the other doctors around him somehow even worse? Did his coworkers get together and say, "Well, sure, he might pressure me to have an abortion and he runs around on his wife, but he doesn't smell as bad as those other guys?" Were his patients all, "Well, it's too far to go into Chattanooga to have an affair with a doctor who doesn't look like an angry thumb?"

The population of Jasper, Tenn., where he was chief of staff at Grandview Medical Center, is only 3,279 people. See that "9" sitting on the end of that number? That's Rep. Family Values and his conquests toted up in the Times Free Press article. Guess we should be thankful it's just the ones column.

I literally don't know whether to high-five him or slap him. One way or another, DesJarlais seems intent on leaving his district fucked.

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