In Amazing Display of Rational Thought, Ramsey Dismisses Secession: 'That's Not a Viable Option'



Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey loves the tea party and panders to the states’ rights crowd as much as any Republican, but even Ramsey can’t see seceding from the union. Asked by reporters yesterday about Sen. Mae Beavers’ promotion of that idea as a way for Tennessee to escape the hated ObamaCare, Ramsey said:

That’s not an option, c’mon. Am I huge defender of the Second Amendment? Do I want to push back on the federal government? If you remember, I ran a gubernatorial campaign based on that. But we have to work within the constraints that we have. I don’t like the decision that the U.S. Supreme Court made on ObamaCare but I’m sure there are other court decisions that I do like. So that’s not a viable option.

Pressed for his opinion on whether Beavers should remain as Judiciary Committee chair if she's a crazy secessionist (we're paraphrasing the question here), Ramsey replied: "Ask her. I’m going to appoint committees again so we’ll see what happens, won’t we? Don’t read anything into that. No seriously. That’s up to her. She represents her district. She can say whatever she wants to do."

As for himself, Ramsey is struggling to figure out this national health insurance thing. He always assumed Republicans would repeal the Affordable Care Act because he just never imagined that President Obama might win the election.

"I just felt it that Romney was going to win. And I was fooled. I’ll be right up front with you. This whole issue of ObamaCare, I’m just now starting to get my hands around it and figure out where we’re going to go."

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