We're All a Little More Purple Than We Let On



Over at i09, they have a map made by "datavizualization expert" John Nelson that shows the distribution of voters by political party at even smaller than county level.

Nelson says that traditional red/blue political maps tend to be biased in favor of geographically large by population-light areas. By mapping data at the county level at a resolution of 100 votes per dot, the resulting colorization paints a much clearer portrait of the thoroughly mixed American political landscape. And unlike other maps that seek to portray the states in all their purple/violet/mauve/bluish-red variations (instead of just red or blue), this one does a great job of illustrating population density, as well (note, for example, the marked difference in population density as you scan the map westward from the East Coast, or the distribution of voters in Florida, seen in the closeup below).

You can see bigger versions on Flickr. The thing that strikes me most about this map is that for all of the "rural areas are growing more and more Republican" rhetoric coming out of this election, there are a lot of blue dots out in the country, even in our state.

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