The Saddest Whitest Kids You Know



Brunch has also been cancelled.
  • Brunch has also been cancelled.

One of the funnier artifacts to emerge from this presidential election cycle is White People Mourning Romney, a Tumblr packed with schadenfreude-triggering photos that depict the abject sadness felt by white Americans, scorned by their own failure to appreciate empirical evidence and forced to live in a nation of takers. It's as if millions of Cracker Barrel locations suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced ...

There's really nothing more to say without gloating too hard, so out of respect for the dead, please observe a moment of silence for the passing of Your Daddy's America by laughing on the inside.

Or, if you'd rather continue living in the alternate reality you've grown to love over the past few years, Political Wire would like to interest you in a few photos of the leaked Romney-Ryan transition website. Take special note of the "Join the Administration" page, which implored Americans to apply for a non-private sector government job within the now-hypothetical Romney administration.

(HT: Joe Sonka.)

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