Website Exposes Conditions at Lexington Gardens



Days after the Scene published a story exposing the conditions of a north Nashville apartment complex (and Metro Codes' relative unresponsiveness to the plight of its tenants), a website called Lexington Gardens Revealed has posted what it says are photos that reveal more about the day-to-day life there.

In addition to photos of bed bugs and their resultant bites, rotting fixtures and broken windows, the site also tells the story of the tenants who live there:

One mother, “Kendra,” invited us into her one-bedroom apartment and showed us the dozens of bedbug bites on her arms and legs. She didn’t realize the apartment was infested until after she signed the lease. Her three young sons were living with her and they showed us the countless bites on their bodies, red and swollen from itching. When she turned on the light in her kitchen, bugs scattered across the wall and floor. She tried spraying, but the bedbugs and roaches kept coming back. She showed us the exposed outlets, the defunct smoke detector, the stove that sparks, the air conditioner that blows out damp air that smells like mildew, and the small, bedbug infested mattresses on which her boys sleep. She wanted so desperately to leave, but the cost of moving was too much.

"Every tenant of Lexington Gardens should have a home in good general repair and maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary condition," reads the site's objective page. "Every tenant of Lexington Gardens should have a copy of their lease, and for that lease to be in compliance with the law. Every tenant should know their rights, and be confident to assert those rights without fear of retaliation."

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