'Not Only a Hypocrite But a Fraud'



House Majority PAC is pitching in to help Democrat Eric Stewart in his underdog campaign against Rep. Scott DesJarlais. The national PAC is spending $180,000 to run this ad beginning today in Nashville and Chattanooga. Campaigns can crank out these attack ads fast, but not fast enough to keep up with this sex scandal. This one was out of date before it ever aired, with another of the good doctor's patients coming forward to say she had sex with DesJarlais (and smoked weed with him). What a hound! Betsy Phillips may "almost feel a tiny bit bad for DesJarlais" but Democrats don't.

Update: “DesJarlais ran his medical practice like a Craigslist cathouse," Chip Forrester says, "and now he’s mad that people are upset about it."

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