DesJarlais Plays the Victim in Radio Appearance, Claims 'No Pregnancy and No Abortion'



During a chat with Ralph Bristol on 99.7 WTN this morning, scandal-stricken Congressman Scott DesJarlais painted himself as the victim of "gutter politics" at the hands of his former opponent, his current opponent, and his ex-wife.

Outside of a prepared statement released yesterday in response to the Huffington Post's report, the appearance, which had apparently been scheduled before the story came out, yielded his first and only live discussion of the matter so far. Given the relatively friendly context, he was not exactly pressed about the matter by Bristol.

"When you put together a disgruntled defeated ex-Congressman, a vindictive ex-wife, and a desperate Democratic who is a pro-Obama, pro-Obamacare leaning person, you're gonna get some probably poor information," DesJarlais said. "I was disappointed, in a sense, that the local media jumped all over the Huffington Post, considering the three sources that put this together."

What does Eric Stewart's support for the president or the new health care law have to do with the revelation that DesJarlais apparently pressured a patient-turned-mistress to get an abortion? We're not sure. But despite his disappointment in the media, he has not denied or disputed the contents of the transcript — which can be read in full below —¬†at the center of the story.

DesJarlais also told Bristol that "there was no pregnancy and no abortion." However, in the transcript — which, it bears repeating, he does not dispute — he can be seen specifically discussing both. He tells the woman, who is not named, "you told me you'd have an abortion" and asks to see an "ultrasound report ... to prove that I'm the one."

Later on, he tells her they can "go to Atlanta, or whatever, to get this solved" and getting the situation "fixed." He also asks her "how far along" she is, and tells her "considering you slept with a man three days before you did me, there's chance that it could not be mine."

Point is, according to the transcript, DesJarlais certainly seemed to believe that there was a pregnancy. And — again, according to the transcript he made it clear that he wanted it aborted. The DesJarlais on the radio this morning is just disappointed that we're all talking about this.

The full transcript of DesJarlais' conversation with his then patient/mistress, and the full audio of his conversation with Bristol, are below. Our suggestion? Pull up the transcript, read along as you listen to the audio, and see if you can make it to the end with your lunch still in your stomach.

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