House Speaker Harwell Revises Recent History to Make Republicans Seem Reasonable



In unintentionally hilarious comments during a campaign trip to the wilds of West Tennessee, House Speaker Beth Harwell cast the Republican reign of terror in Nashville as a sterling example of harmonious, bipartisan governance.

“One of the things I’m most pleased with is that we have really risen above partisan bickering to get a lot of things done,” the speaker said during a visit to the Paris Post-Intelligencer newspaper. “We’re not like Washington, D.C. They just seem like they’ve allowed the fights between Republicans and Democrats to bring this nation to its knees. You’re not seeing that at the state level. We really treat each other with respect down there. We can differ without being ugly and you know I think consequently as a result of that we’ve really been able to do some great things.”

She cited phasing out the death tax, lowering the sales tax and balancing the budget, but neglected to mention demolishing the teachers’ union and big-footing cities on schools, suppressing the votes of Democrats with the photo ID mandate, opening the door to the teaching of creationism in science classes, restricting abortion rights, or any of numerous charming new laws that only a Republican could love.

Was it bipartisanship when the GOP redistricted Democrats into the Stone Age? Republicans don't bother to speak to Democrats, much less bicker with them.

On another topic, Harwell said she didn’t want to remain as speaker after Gov. Bill Haslam leaves office and left open the possibility that she might run for governor herself when that happens.

“I will probably stay until the end of Governor Haslam’s term and then it’ll be time to let someone else have that leadership role," Harwell said. "Then if something else comes my way, I’d be honored to serve. We’ll have to wait and see.”

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