The 28th Avenue/31st Avenue Connector is Open



I took the connector home from work Tuesday afternoon and it was as delightful as a new road can be. It's smooth. The bike lane joins forces with the sidewalk in a way that I wish more bike lanes did. There are beautiful plantings and it feels like a lot of open space prime for development in an otherwise crowded part of town.

It's really nice.

And yet ... and yet it seems to end about five feet short of where it should once you cross Charlotte. If you're familiar with the stretch of 28th between Charlotte and Swett's, you probably already can guess what they, weirdly enough, didn't fix.

The train tracks are still a huge mess you have to take ultra slow. They're not in use. So why didn't the city just pave five feet beyond where they stopped, and over the tracks?

It's going to be nice as it is. It's a great back way from my house to Belmont and it does make Charlotte feel like less of a dividing line between TSU and the other colleges in town. But fixing the tracks would have been the cherry on top.

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