The 220th Anniversary of the Battle of Buchanan's Station



A historical woman in the front and John Watts in the background.
  • A historical woman in the front and "John Watts" in the background.
Sunday afternoon a whole lot of people showed up at the Buchanan's Station Cemetery to honor the 220th anniversary of the Battle of Buchanan's Station. It was really, really nice. The cemetery looks beautiful and the Friends of the Buchanan's Station Cemetery and Cumberland University put on a great program (the best part is when they fired muskets and a kid shouted "Wow!").

Then they had folks dressed up like historical people talking about their role in the battle. We wandered around some looking at grave markers and osage oranges and irises. They've done a great job cleaning everything up and discovering where all the bodies in the cemetery are.

But the thing that was, to me, most heartening was seeing all the people from the Buchanan Log Home (not the same Buchanan family) and Mansker's Station also there. A lot of people in Nashville really love our deep and interesting history. But you know, it'd be easy enough to imagine a scenario in which people associated with other historical sites might be less then helpful to folks.

We're really lucky to have a historical community that is so generous with each other and is eager to expand what is known about and protected.

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