After Insulting Voters, Turner Throws Down on Media



Why does this guy annoy Rep. Mike Turner?
  • Why does this guy annoy Rep. Mike Turner?
When he wasn’t calling voters racists in his speech to the Democratic Party’s executive committee, state Rep. Mike Turner was bashing the media — also probably not the smartest thing to do.

Turner slapped political reporters for failing to cover the Republican-run state government the way Democrats would prefer, and he cited the media—along with all those mean Republicans, of course—as a major obstacle to his party's return to power.

“We’re facing a press that has not really talked about what the Haslam administration has done,” Turner said, mentioning tax breaks for the wealthy, among other media omissions. “Some of the press would rather beat us up than attack Stacey Campfield and that bunch. So that’s discouraging.”

Turner accused Republican legislative leaders of strong-arming lobbyists to stop them from giving special-interest campaign cash to Democrats. Republicans are making it harder for Democrats to shake down lobbyists? What's next?

“We never did that when we were in charge,” Turner said. “[Former House Speaker] Naifeh never called anybody in and said, ‘If you give to the Republicans, we’re going to beat you up next year.’ That’s kind of happening right now.”

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