Democrats Hold Fundraising Raffle with Ashley Judd as Prize



Tennessee Democrats are holding a “Dinner with Ashley Judd” contest to try to raise campaign cash. According to deputy fundraising director Katy Graham in her latest email on the topic, “there's been an incredible response from our grassroots supporters who would love to have Dinner with Ashley Judd.”

“Ashley is passionate about moving our country forward, and she's excited to share her values with a supporter like you,” Graham adds. “A dinner like this doesn't happen very often — this is your shot. Donate $10, $20 or whatever you can give now in order to be automatically entered to win.”

Party flack Brandon Puttbrese is treating the contest like a state secret, declining to reveal much about this event except to say that it’s modeled after this summer's “Dinner with Barack” series of fundraising contests.

“I'll decline to give an exact number of entries so as not discourage people from signing up, but I can tell you the response from Democrats has been strong,” Puttbrese says. “It's an exciting event. It's not every day folks get an opportunity to have dinner with Ashley Judd. “

Puttbrese did say the dinner is Oct. 13 and the hosts “live in a beautiful home in Brentwood.”

“It's going to be an intimate evening with only a handful of guests,” he adds. “Similarly to the Dinner with Barack campaign, some VIP contributors will also be in attendance for the evening.”

Tennessee Democrats definitely are stepping up in the world — from a fundraiser last year at the Nashville Zoo, where we imagined supporters coughing up $5 apiece to pet the goats, to an evening with a glamorous movie star. Maybe they’ll actually offer a Democrat as their U.S. Senate candidate next time.

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