Why Rich Parents Pick Great Hearts



Diane Ravitch
  • Diane Ravitch
Diane Ravitch, the nationally recognized public education advocate, is blogging about our little Great Hearts Academies controversy again today. Pointing out that Great Hearts asks parents for so-called contributions, which can run $2,000 or more, Ravitch explains why families still choose these charters over private schools:

It is expensive to go to Great Hearts. The school asks parents for an upfront contribution (voluntary, of course), of $1,200-$1,500. Then there are extra costs for books, supplies, physical education.

But it is still less costly than paying for private school tuition. So it is entirely understandable that white, affluent parents would want to bring Great Hearts to their neighborhood in Nashville.

Ravitch links to an Arizona education blogger who provides details of the costs of attending Great Hearts schools in their home state:

Charter school proponents like to talk about how lean and mean they can be financially without all those pesky unions and that burdensome district bureaucracy. It looks like Great Hearts Academies have a different model. They're giving privileged kids a private school education on the taxpayer's dime — plus $2,000 or more per student per family to make up the difference.


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