East Nasty's Dregs of Society Strike Fear in Hearts of West Enders



Snooty residents of Richland and West End are complaining that our proposed bus rapid transit route will sully their neighborhoods by hauling in the hoi polloi from across the river. Check out the lady in pearls in this video from a public meeting. "They will ruin the neighborhood," she complains.

Under the headline "Westies turn up their noses," Terri Dorsey writes about this boiling controversy in the latest edition of the East Nashvillian magazine.

The 8-mile rapid bus route would go through downtown and connect Five Points to White Bridge Road. At one West End meeting, Transit Alliance director Ed Cole says he was told, "We don't want the riffraff from East Nashville in our neighborhood."

West Enders have good reason to worry. Lock up your lawn mowers! We're coming.

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