State to Davidson County Election Commission: 'Make a Wrong a Right'



WPLN's Blake Farmer reports that the state wants the Davidson County Election Commission to "make a wrong a right" by offering voters, in all 60 precincts where electronic poll books were used, the chance to have their voting history corrected.

Voters who hold public office have been the most vocal since voting history is publicly accessible. State election coordinator Mark Goins says they don’t want to appear to have voted in the wrong primary.

“Most folks probably ain’t going to care, but for those who do care, I think it’s important to make a wrong a right, as best you can.”

Goins says the state will scrub the voting histories of those who request it.

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Farmer also reports that if county officials don't get in touch with every voter in those 60 precincts, the state most likely will.

At their recent meeting, the county election commission did discuss giving voters the chance to have their voting history corrected, but seemed to be leaning toward only notifying the less than 200 voters who they could show had been initially given an incorrect ballot.

While we're noting things, I wrote about the election certification process, and the state and county roles in it, for this week's issue of The City Paper.

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