Mark Clayton Whips Bob Corker in Tea Party Straw Poll


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Mark Clayton, the disavowed Democratic Senate nominee, might be unpopular with his own party’s leaders, but he beats the hell out of Bob Corker with tea partiers. This week, Clayton lost to independent Shaun Crowell but thumped the incumbent Corker in a straw poll of the Humphreys County Tea Party. The vote was Crowell 60, Clayton 7 and Corker only 1.

Humphreys County Tea Party chairman Jerry Pangle phoned in the results this afternoon to Pith Election Headquarters.

“I’d like to know who that one was who voted for Corker,” Pangle joked in a mock-threatening voice.

The Republican senator lost favor, to put it mildly, with the tea party by voting for the bank bailout and committing various other offenses that only the mind of a tea partier can fathom.

Clayton gave a little speech to the tea party before the straw poll, scoring points when he ranted against the homosexual menace but losing support when he waffled on whether he might vote for President Obama. That’s Pangle’s analysis of the results anyway.

“He’s not standard,” Pangle said of Clayton.

In other Mark Clayton news, he appeared on Janet Mefferd’s Christian Right radio show this afternoon. Mefferd, who is virulently anti-gay, likened Clayton’s situation to that of Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin—each has been ostracized by his party for courageously sticking up for crazy right wing things. The only difference, according to Mefferd, is that the media isn’t paying much attention to the plight of Clayton.

Clayton told Mefferd that state party leaders are “having playground hissy fits for gay marriage” rather than discussing the important issues of the day with their Senate nominee.



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