Elite Media Discovers Republicans Are Insane



Last night’s Hardball focused on Todd Akin and his "legitimate rape" remark, and the flabbergasted Joe Klein offered this insight like it was a news flash:

The Republican Party has a major grassroots problem, which is that a good part of its grassroots now celebrate ignorance.

No kidding, Joe. What was your first clue? Welcome to our Red State Hell.

In Tennessee, a state senator thinks AIDS started when "one guy screwed a monkey," the lieutenant governor isn’t sure Islam qualifies as a religion, just about everybody thinks our president is a Kenyan socialist, and no one believes in climate change or evolution. The party has come so unhinged the governor has been forced to deny he’s trying to impose Shariah law. Candidates for governor make love to their guns, and some legislators want to create our state’s own monetary system because, you know, the end is nigh.

So Joe, maybe in Manhattan the Republicans remain reasonable. But here in the hinterlands, the insane train makes regular stops and, when our nutjobs don their clown shoes and speak their minds, no one even bothers to denounce them anymore. Like some kind of alien slime that’s escaped containment, the crazy talk is making national news now, shocking the delicate sensibilities of the elite media. That’s too bad. Deal with it. We’ve been trying to warn you.

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