Stacey Campfield: I See Biased People



In a blog post Saturday, titled Left wing "Fair and balanced," state Sen. Stacey Campfield catches the nefarious liberal media at work again. This time it's in the service of our ultimate goal: destroying families and anyone who supports them. (Really, it's always in the monthly newsletter.)

The cognitive dissonance really begins with the title — why would a wing, left or right, be fair or balanced? — but we'll come back to that. Best to take this one line at a time.

A conservative from the family Action Council of TN makes a comment on facebook about food stamps being similar to feeding wild animals and it is a top story.

Well that's mostly true. On Thursday morning, we passed along a screen shot of a Facebook post in which David Fowler compared distributing food stamps to feeding wild animals. Our post didn't even offer commentary on Fowler's "lesson." Later that day, the Tennessean ran with the story, and, while I'll admit the all-out blitz of tweets about the story from 1100 was perhaps a bit much, they even gave Fowler the chance to comment on Fowler's comment. What could be more fair? The next day, the Knoxville News-Sentinel, Campfield's hometown paper which his post links to, ran a relatively short story on Fowler's post from the Associated Press, which also included an explanation from Fowler.

"Top story" is a stretch for sure, but yes — a conservative lobbyist who writes bills that occasionally become law in this state compared people who depend on food stamps in hard times to wild animals who keep showing up on your porch because you've made a habit of throwing them dinner scraps and it got covered.

On the other hand, at the parent company of that conservative group (The Family Research Council),
A homosexual advocate, packing a bunch of Chic -fil-a, goes on a shooting rampage because he doesn't like the pro family message they talk about and it doesn't even make the mainstream news?

Indeed, there was a shooting at the Family Research Council in Washington D.C. last week and, by all accounts, the motive appears to have been political. The shooter, Floyd Lee Calkins — that'd be the "homosexual advocate" Campfield refers to — had reportedly been a volunteer at The DC Center for the LGBT Community. I learned that from a story in the News-Sentinel, Campfield's hometown newspaper, which ran not one, but two stories on the shooting, from the AP, neither of which hid the shooter's political leanings or possible motives. Does it get more mainstream than the AP? Since Pith isn't on Campfield's blogroll, he probably didn't see our post from Betsy Phillips, who quite clearly came down on the you-shouldn't-shoot-people-you-disagree-with side of the story.

I guess that is left wing "Fair and balanced"

I can't claim to speak for the "left wing" but I know that's not their slogan.

In short, Campfield's pants are on fire here.

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