Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife: Demon Appears on WSMV's Air



So, I'm not sure there's a delicate way to put this, but THERE APPEARS TO BE A DEMON LIVING INSIDE THE CHANNEL 4 STUDIO. Or it could just be a technical glitch.

Last night, during a cut from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to one of WSMV's 4 Warn Weather Alerts, the creature appeared on the screen.

What caused this? Is it a henchman from WKRN? Creeping Shariah?

WSMV reporter Josh DeVine suspects the station "caught the first few frames of an ad" during the dissolve.

"Still..." he says. "Creepy."

I'd guess DeVine is right. Grimm would seem to be a likely source of such a creature. Then again, maybe Mark Clayton did this.

I've placed a call to WSMV, to alert them that they've been infiltrated, and will update here if I hear back.

Update: I'm just off the phone with Channel 4's news director Matthew Hilk, who kindly put up with my questioning on this matter. A quick transcript of our chat, after the jump:

So, do you have any idea what happened?

"You know, throughout late night programming we were interrupting various network commercial breaks, for severe weather cut-ins. We were transitioning into one such cut-in, NBC's Jimmy Fallon tossed to a network commercial and the images that aired were obviously the first few frames of whatever that network commercial was to be. As you can tell, our control room was in the process of covering up that commercial for the weather report.

But it appeared to me to be the beginning of a promo for NBC's Grimm. Haven't been able to verify that, because we don't air the network programs. We just pass them through."

Sure. Now, you know, I have a responsibility to my readers as well, so can you verify to me that you're looking into this to make sure it wasn't an actual demon?

"I've spent a good part of the day looking into that [laughs]. The statement that some other folks have made, that a demon interrupted our weather cut-in couldn't be accurate. It was an image that came up and was quickly interrupted by the beginning of our weather cut-in."

Since speaking with Hilk I've asked around the office, though, and I'm told by several religious Grimm viewers that the creature in the video does not resemble anything from the show.


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