Larry Crim Files Suit Against the TNDP in Continuing Wake of Claytongate



Former (and, he hopes, soon-to-be) Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Larry Crim has filed suit in federal court, demanding a new primary to make up for the race one-man-PR-disaster Mark Clayton won on Aug 2.

My City Paper colleague, Pierce Greenberg, has the details:

Crim filed a lawsuit in federal court Wednesday claiming the Tennessee Democratic Party and its chairman Chip Forrester failed to weed out Clayton’s candidacy before the race. Thus, he requests the court to void Clayton’s candidacy and hold a new primary.

The lawsuit claims Clayton didn’t vote in enough Democratic races, per party bylaws, to run for senate in August — a fact that wasn’t caught by the TNDP.

Crim accuses Forrester and the TNDP of misleading voters by claiming the party had no Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate. The lawsuit calls the TNDP action a “deceptive act designed to provide a ‘respectable appearing cloak’ for encouraging proper and improper candidates to qualify and appear on the Democratic ballot.”

Crim also extends a hand to Forrester and the TNDP, asking them to go the “necessary one step further” to join with him in the injunction for a new primary.

TNDP spokesman Brandon Puttbrese called the lawsuit “frivolous” but said any further comment would be reserved for the court hearing.

The lawsuit requests an emergency hearing tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. Interestingly enough, Pith's chat with Forrester the day after the election is listed as an exhibit in the suit.

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