John Rocker's Crazed Screed Picked Up By Racist Political Party



Rockers Brother From Another Mother
  • Rocker's Brother From Another Mother
Kenny Powers' unhinged real-life inspiration, former MLB pitcher John Rocker, has penned a hilarious editorial that's been reprinted with the author's permission by the white nationalist American Third Position Party, aka A3P.

For the uninitiated, A3P is fielding two Tennessee-based candidates — Merlin Miller and former Vanderbilt psychiatry professor Virginia Abernethy — on a quixotic presidential ticket this year, both of whom addressed a white nationalist conference held just outside of Nashville earlier this year.

Titled "Time to Wake Up, America!," Rocker's editorial originally appeared this morning on World Net Daily and has since exploded across the conservative blogosphere with diarrhetic efficiency until it oozed onto A3P's website this afternoon. In it, Rocker strikes all the right chords among A3P's base of white conservatives who, like him, fear the effects of undocumented immigration and, say, how the North American Man-Boy Love Association is a special interest group to be casually lumped in with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Indeed, Rocker's distaste for "queers with AIDS" and foreigners — sentiments captured by former Tennessean writer Jeff Pearlman — certainly indicate that he and A3P's intelligentsia would have plenty to talk about over a few obviously domestic beers

A taste of the crazy, after the jump.

Little by little, year by year, ever so consistently, conservative ideals and principles are being dismissed in our society. Conservative ideology is being flippantly ignored as if it represents a backwoods ignorant mentality that only existed when people were “uneducated” and not as “progressive” as those who call themselves progressive think they are today. You can almost hear the thought rolling around in the liberal’s skull as he humorously listens to a voice of conservative thought: “Silly conservative. It’s so cute when they say stuff like that.” Other times — rapidly becoming the norm — we witness all-out assaults on conservative principles, ideologies and themes that have made up the very backbone of this great nation for generations. These assaults — largely promulgated by our beloved America-hating mainstream media, specified minority groups, along with an obnoxious array of special-interest factions, everything from NAMBLA to PETA — do nothing but weaken many of our nation’s core values while undermining the unity of the American people. Brother against brother.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it! This country was not founded and did not rise to become the greatest nation this world has ever known on the back of liberal principles, yet these ideals are forced down our throats daily while conservative ones are exploited as somehow rudimentary and fundamentally archaic. The United States did not become the beacon of hope and freedom around the world through the ideology of rampant undocumented immigration. We have not become the envy of millions across the globe through the mindset of cradle-to-grave governmental dependence. Our Founding Fathers and the generations responsible for constructing this great nation promoted limited government while championing the individual and his ability to succeed. Additionally, the United States has not redefined to the world what prosperity truly is through the promotion and encouragement of dissimilation, corrupt morals, wealth redistribution and ethical values that only exist when convenient. Liberal, like it or not, your ideology and beliefs did not fashion the greatest union this planet has ever seen, but they are slowly but surely fracturing it morally, ethically, fiscally and socially.

From observing daily media outlets, it appears the overwhelming sentiment is that this country is going to hell in a liberal hand basket. To look at the facts, however, one gets a much different perspective. In the 2010 election cycle, for example, the two predominately left-leaning states of Wisconsin and Ohio went Republican in their respective governor’s races. Currently, each state is experiencing strong job growth and declining debt. Additionally, labor unions, which generally have a strong left-leaning base, saw their numbers decline last year to their lowest levels in 70 years. In 2011 union membership fell by a staggering 612,000, signifying that many workers are just not buying into the left-sided union mentality.

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