CP: 'False Light' Claims Remain at Issue in NewsChannel5 Lawsuit



Pierce Greenberg reports in the City Paper:

Davidson County General Sessions Court Judge Dan Eisenstein’s lawsuit against NewsChannel5 and reporter Phil Williams will be remanded back to trial court to settle false light claims after the Tennessee Court of Appeals decision this afternoon.

The court cleared the news station and Williams of most of Eisenstein’s charges against them, but two false light issues stemming from a Feb. 28, 2011, broadcast will be sent back to Davidson County Circuit Court — which originally dismissed all the claims.

Eisenstein sued NewsChannel5 and Williams for libel and false light claims in 2010 after Williams aired two critical stories about the judge.

The Court of Appeals found no evidence of libel or false light in the first story, which aired under the headline “Is Another Nashville Judge Under Ethics Investigation?”

The court did, however, find elements of false light in another story, which questioned Eisenstein’s hiring of unlicensed psychologist James Casey to work in Mental Health court and treat criminal offenders with mental illnesses.

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