Heavens to Betsy: Be an Angel for Aunt B. at Barista Aug. 18



As longtime readers of Betsy Phillips know, whether they follow her here on Pith or at her Tiny Cat Pants blog, the ceiling hasn't been made that could hold Aunt B. back. But earlier this month, one almost took her out when her living-room ceiling collapsed. She and her family narrowly escaped injury, but she got a second swat when her homeowner's insurance bailed on paying.

As her friend Kristin Whittlesey puts it:

She's gotten it all cleaned up, but there's a gaping hole where her living room ceiling used to be, and the threat that any other ceiling in her house could suffer the same fate at any time. Replacement and repairs are all coming out of her own pocket, and estimates so far are in the $2,000-$2,500 range (total cost — includes new drywall, paint, cleanup costs, etc.).

So Whittlesey and Aunt B.'s many fans are banding together for a benefit. It'll be 5 p.m. Aug. 18 at one of Pith's favorite hangouts, East Nashville's amazing new coffee parlor Barista at 519-B Gallatin Ave. Betsy will read ghost stories from her book A City of Ghosts — need Halloween gifts for anyone? — and proceeds from a bake sale will go toward her home-repair expenses. So will an Indiegogo account established here in her behalf.

If you love Betsy's Pith posts, stop by and help her out. And if you hate every word she writes with every fiber of your being — well, chip in anyway to leave her a "snotty, weeping mess." She'd probably do the same for you.

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