Madden Gets 25-Year Sentence in Tina Stewart Stabbing



Former MTSU student Shanterrica Madden was sentenced yesterday to 25 years in prison for the second-degree murder of her roommate, plus a consecutive four years for tampering with evidence.

Madden, 20, will not be eligible for parole until after she turns 40. Because she lacks a criminal history before the murder, however, her sentence on the tampering with evidence charge is to be served at a 30 percent minimum. This means she could serve as much as 29 years, but at the very least she will serve a little more than 26 years.

The case started more than a year ago on March 2, 2011, when Madden was arrested for stabbing MTSU Lady Raiders basketball player Tina Stewart. The stabbing resulted after an altercation involving Madden’s use of marijuana in their apartment at Raiders Ridge Apartments in Murfreesboro.

The four-year tampering with evidence sentence is a result of Madden’s attempt to conceal the knife by washing it, wrapping it and another knife in a Tinker Bell blanket, and disposing of it in a dumpster at the apartment complex.

Madden pleaded self-defense. But jurors ruled that while her actions were not premeditated, Madden’s failure to call 911 after she stabbed Stewart proved her guilty of second-degree murder.

Judge Don Ash said he found Madden in no way remorseful during the trial, nor during her initial statement to the police on the night of the murder.

“The basis for that is I’m considering her actions in regard to this situation,” Ash said. “Sadly, Ms. Madden, I find you not credible in any way in regards to being remorseful. I’ve watched this trial. I observed you during this trial. I saw no remorse,” adding that until the sentencing trial, Madden had not submitted a statement of apology.

Madden’s father, Frank Madden, testified at the beginning of the sentencing, stating that he felt the case got more attention than it would have if victim had not been involved in sports on campus. He added that he believes that justice would have been served differently if his daughter had been the one murdered.

“Ms. Madden’s choices were terrible,” Ash said in response to Madden’s father. “It didn’t matter if you were black, white, Indian, a basketball player, a Christian or an atheist.”

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