NRA Takes to the Streets to Unseat Maggart




At Post Politics, J.R. Lind passes along the above photographic evidence of the fruit of the National Rifle Association's significant financial contributions to the state House primary between sitting House Republican Caucus Chairwoman Debra Maggart and Courtney Rogers.

Maggart has the support of Republican leadership in the state, from the governor on down. They have repeatedly argued that she's being unfairly targeted and that her support for the Second Amendment is being unjustly called into question. Once they start seeing this billboard, perhaps they'll start making the same argument in defense of President Obama, who has hardly mentioned guns while in office and hasn't proposed a single page of gun-control legislation.

The billboard, though, is actually accurate. Both Barack Obama and Debra Maggart say they support your gun rights ... and neither has taken any of them away from you.

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