A List of All of the Things I've Seen in the Clarksville Pike Bike Lanes



Bike Lane or Bike Lane of Awesomeness?
  • Bike Lane? Or Bike Lane of Awesomeness?
As part of the mayor's Healthy Nashville campaign, Clarksville Pike between Briley and the top of the ridge now has bike lanes. While I've yet to see a bike in the bike lanes, I can report that they are incredibly popular.

In the two weeks the bike lanes have been there, I've seen the following things in them:

1. A motorcycle.
2. A golf cart.
3. A dog on a leash being held by a person in the passenger side of an old brown Toyota.
4. Joggers.
5. Walkers without accoutrements.
6. A walking man carrying a golf club (definitely not the owner of the golf cart, though the two of them should maybe hook up).
7. A woman standing, talking to a person in a mail truck.
8. A mail truck.
9. A parked car (which may or may not have belonged to the woman yakking with the person in the mail truck).

But no, not one single bicycle. We may get some eventually, but for now, my neighbors seem to be putting the bike lanes to uses that I'm sure the mayor never foresaw. I'm not sure they're making us healthier, but they're making the neighborhood happier.

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