Hurley on Drug-Testing Legislators: "No, Sir"



Rep. Julia Hurley: "I ain't passed the bar, but I know a little bit, enough that you won't illegally search my shit" or something like that. (Video courtesy of TNReport)

A remarkable thing happened today in the House Finance subcommittee, which took up and passed the bill that would implement suspicion-based drug testing for welfare applicants. Presented with the obvious suggestion that perhaps legislators should also have to piss in a cup before they receive taxpayers' trust and funds, bill sponsor Rep. Julia Hurley said no. Then she said no again, a little bit more politely. Then she tried to change the subject.

As House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick then pointed out, after saying he'd support the idea, adding such a provision to the bill at this late stage would probably throw a wrench into lawmakers' plans to get out of town after this week. At least McCormick admitted that was the reason for not doing it now, though.

As for Hurley, the only thing that would have made her response better is if she had plugged her ears, closed her eyes and started a chorus of "la-la-la's."

We've reached out to Hurley for an answer as to why she opposed the amendment and her thoughts on the idea in general. We'll update here if we get a response.

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