Tennesseans for Fair Taxation and Tennessee Citizen Action Hold Tax Day Bake Sale To Benefit State Government



Members of Tennesseans for Fair Taxation and Tennessee Citizen Action have descended on Capitol Hill today to hold a bake sale to benefit the state government. On sale are cookies, brownies, s'mores bars and other treats, baked with a smart-ass' touch of irony.

In a release, the groups explain their creative price scale: "Prices for the items ... are set based on the state tax burden of the 99%, the 1%, and corporations." And so, based on "your state tax rate per every $10.00," baked goods cost $1.17 for most of us, but a mere 31¢ for the upper 1 percent. Among those listed for corporate pricing: Eastman Chemical (3.6 percent tax rate, 36¢ baked goods), Community Health Sys (1.8 percent), AutoZone (2.9 percent), FedEx (2.5 percent) and Dollar General (2.6 percent).

The group is also selling some goods "for the 99 percent" for 85 cents, or the amount of tax a person would have to pay on the minimum wage for one hour of work.

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