Bills From Last Night: Judicial (S)election and Foreigners in Charter Schools


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While the Scene website was down for a good part of last night, the House and Senate were in session. A brief roundup of their activities:

Judicial (S)election: The Senate last night passed a proposal for judicial selection — as opposed to other proposals calling for more traditional election — that would is close to current practice and more like what Gov. Bill Haslam has been calling for since early this session. The plan would essentially amend the constitution so that it at least resembles what the state's been doing for years. WPLN's Joe White with more.

Foreigners in Charter Schools: A bill restricting the number of foreigners working in charter schools and requiring schools to report any funds received from outside the country is on its way to the governor. The legislation, which the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition has called a thinly veiled attack on Muslims, is being pushed by the Tennessee Eagle Forum. The House passed the bill by a vote of 63-29. In the Senate, where even Stacey Campfield opposed the measure, it passed 18-13. Tom Humphrey with more.


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