Senate to Hear Arguments on Companion Marijuana Bill Next Week




Despite the defeat of the House's medical marijuana bill, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws aims to fire up (uh huh huh huh) a Senate health committee hearing next week to implore lawmakers to consider a companion bill that supporters (and pretty much the entire scientific community) say will ease the suffering of chronically ill patients — and, it is estimated, net millions of dollars in revenue for the state.

Filed by Sen. Beverly Marrero, The Safe Access to Medical Cannabis Act will be the first bill of its kind heard by a Senate committee in roughly 20 years, according to Bernie Ellis, a local medical cannabis activist and former epidemiologist whose farm was busted after authorities discovered he was growing small amounts of weed and giving it to cancer patients to assuage their suffering.

Next week, NORML plans to corral a group of speakers who can personally attest to the benefits of medical marijuana, although it remains to be seen if legislators care for anything other than gays, guns, god or sagging pants. Pith will be on hand to observe and report (assuming we're not late grabbing a bag of Funyuns).

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