Might as Well Face It, You're Addicted to Love: Tennessee's Model for Sex Education



Well, the rest of the country has found out about HB3621/SB3310, which we've talked about before.

Over at The New Civil Rights Movement, they're making fun of us because this law would discourage hand-holding.

Over at Jezebel, Erin Gloria Ryan writes:

Concerned that their precious children are not learning to be terrified enough about the deadly consequences of sexual intercourse, lawmakers in Tennessee have added language to their abstinence-only sex ed curriculum that warns students of the dangers of "gateway sexual activity" in a desperate effort to make sure teenagers are not "gateway enjoying themselves." This raises some important questions. If non-coital sexual activities are gateways to coitus like how marijuana is allegedly a gateway to crack, then is dry humping the ganja of sex?

And at RH Reality Check, Amanda Marcotte considers what it means to treat sexual activity as if it's as dangerous as using drugs:

To use the “gateway drug” metaphor when talking about sexual exploration that nearly all teenagers engage in to one extent or another exposes the entire metaphorical framework behind anti-choice beliefs. It contains the assumption that sex, at least sex not contained and controlled by heterosexual marriage and an aim to procreate, is an empty pleasure that only holds a promise of pain and ruin. There’s no whiff of understanding of how people experience sex in the real world: as an opportunity to bond with a partner, to get in touch with your own body, and to really enjoy the brief stay you have on planet Earth.

Which is in line with what I said back in February. Our state legislators have some really fucked up ideas about sex. There simply has to be a better way to teach kids to not have sex until they're ready, to use protection when they do, and to give them the knowledge to correctly use protection, other than foisting upon them our own hangups about it.

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