The Ballad of William Todd



The above WSMV report chronicles the nine-hour crime spree of one William Todd, who after arriving in Nashville on a Greyhound bus allegedly proceeded to commit 11 felonies in slightly less time than it takes to watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy. (The report erroneously says the crime spree took place April 25. The actual date was March 25.)

Take a bow, William.
  • Take a bow, William.
Among Todd's alleged accolades (in chronological order): Breaks into a slaughterhouse and steals a shotgun, revolver, Taser and T-shirt; shoots up slaughterhouse before burning it to the ground; holds four people at gunpoint at a local bar, Tases one, pistol whips another, and makes off with their money and credit cards; carjacks a cab at gunpoint; breaks into a Union Street law office, tosses the place, takes a shit on a desk and smears his feces onto the walls; "saunters" into Hotel Indigo wearing a red wig and impersonates a female housekeeper; steals $600 at gunpoint from a Canadian couple; shaves his head; crashes the aforementioned stolen cab into a parking garage; hails another cab and orders the driver at knifepoint to drive him to Opryland; gets arrested atop Opryland while hiding in a water cooling unit submerged in liquid up to his nose.

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