You Asked, I Answer: How to Tour the Masonic Grand Lodge



Everywhere you look at the Grand Lodge, Theres Someting Cool.
  • Everywhere you look at the Grand Lodge, There's Something Cool.
I received some great feedback on my story about the Grand Lodge downtown, which ran in last week's Scene.

The one question that kept coming up was some variation of, "Can any non-Mason visit the Grand Lodge, and, if so, how does one make that happen?"

On Thursday I went down to the Grand Lodge for the Scottish Rite's Maundy Thursday Ritual and I asked.

Here's the answer. Yes, you can visit. You probably should call first, to make sure that someone can take you around: (615) 259-3434. But they would love for you to stop by.

And if you are a giant history nerd, you will love visiting.

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